Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust known as Saba Trust striving for the empowerment of
women for decades. Saba Trust has initiated several programs in urban and rural areas
which provided opportunities to learn skills and further played a basic roles to empower them.
Saba Vocational Training Centre located in Gulrez II near head office building is quite busy
nowadays. A dozen of students are gathered around a table where basic drafting, cutting, and stitching is instructed to them by the teacher.

Mrs. Yasmine instructor of the vocational center said It’s a welfare program for the women
to learn about material, kinds of stitches, drafting for the collar, ban, frock drafting, and stitching,
shirt, ladies and gents dress drafting and stitching, etc in a period of just 20 weeks. After
successful completion of the course, certificates are distributed.

There are multiple heartwarming stories. Many deserving ladies came learned to stitch and
now performing an active role towards their homes financially. They are at least capable of
earning, stitching their own family dresses and assisting someone in stitching. This is like “If
you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him
for a lifetime.”

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