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Saba Trust - Saba Homes
Saghir Ahmed Aslam

Saghir Aslam (born in Jullundur India in 1936) is an American retired businessman of Pakistani descent. At the approximate age of ten years old, after spending hard, life threatening few months in refugee camps where at times there was no food and scarcity of clean water, Aslam and his family migrated to Pakistan during the partition in 1947. He studied in Gojra, Faisalabad and Kamalia in his early years in Pakistan. He graduated from Government College Sahiwal in 1954. After graduation he started working for a promotional company as a clerk, he was gradually promoted to District Supervisor and the Country Manager. In Faisalabad he started the Daily Tajar Newspaper.

While still in Pakistan in 1955 Saghir Aslam got admission in a college in Sacramento, California. Nevertheless. He could not immediately go to America due to lack of finances for travelling. He ended up spending a year in England to earn money & pay back the loan. Then by 1956 he renewed his college admission in USA. He started college meanwhile working evenings and weekends. Later he got his bachelor’s degree and started working for the Broadway – Hale Department store. In the beginning he was hired as janitor, with Allah ST blessing he became promoted to trainee, sales clerk, next Blue Pencil (Supervisor of Clerks), Assistant Manager, Manager and then Manager of a Multi store. He first started with 1 store then multiplied to 35 stores in five States. He won multiple awards & was voted King of The Year. One such award was King of Managers & Buyers – another one was Superman.

In 1972, Aslam gave his resignation, explaining that he had set his goal to retire at the age of 36 and to return home to serve the poor in his motherland. While in Pakistan, he realized the reality of life was different than what he thought it would be and decided to move back to USA. He had built great credit over the years and was able to borrow loan from financial institutions and started his first store “Golden Needle”. Business started to flourish, he expanded it to a chain of 7 stores.

In 1990 Saghir and his wife Bushra decided to retire to devote their entire energy to humanitarian mission. Being an organized and principled man that Saghir Aslam is, he decided to setup an international non-profit organization with the name of International Education & Welfare Society / Saba Homes which is registered in California and obtained the IRS status of 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Saghir did not end up here and decided to be more focused while helping people affected by disasters and poverty. He opened a state of the art institution in Rawalpindi, Pakistan for the orphan girls to be groomed, mentored and educated to become future leaders who will change the whole society in a positive way. Today Saghir Aslam is living in Pakistan far away from his home, his family and his friends in USA only for one reason to help the orphan girls who are the most vulnerable of all to progress and to help change the scenario of millions of people.

Saghir Aslam believes his remaining life whatever it is will not be worth living if he did not help the people in Pakistan through education and make them capable of becoming successful individuals in the future which is the best way to eradicate poverty and create a peaceful prosperous society.

His long-term dream is to change Pakistan to a country and a nation that Quaid-e-Aazam and Allama Iqbal dreamed of. A Pakistan that will appear on the world map as a peace loving and a peaceful country, attracting foreign investments, tourists and Pakistani diaspora to invest in Pakistan.