Disaster Management

Pakistan Flood Relief Campaign 2022

Torrential rains and flash floods have ravaged many cities and villages across Pakistan creating a national emergency. Cloudbursts have been reported in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Kashmir, multiple districts of Balochistan, and many other parts of Pakistan leading to loss of lives, properties, livestock, farmlands, and livelihoods. More than 33 Million people have been affected!

  • Dozens of districts have been submerged under water
  • Since June, more than 1500 people have lost their lives
  • andslides have led to roadblocks and the destruction of bridges
  • Lasbela district in Balochistan is the worst affected
  • Many families have lost their homes, belongings and livestock

In rural Pakistan, more than 50% of people live in mud houses. These structures cannot withstand heavy downpours and they easily cave in resulting in multiple casualties in the same family. In Balochistan alone, over 150,000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, and across all regions, thousands of vulnerable people are facing internal displacement. Without access to urgent medical aid, food, clean water, clothing, blankets, hyenine Supplies and adequate shelter, those who have fled to higher ground will be at even more risk.

To tackle the national calamity, Saba Homes/Saba Trust in Pakistan is working extensively in flood-affected areas by providing relief through Food Packages (Flour, Rice, Lentils, Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil, and more), Tents, Blankets, New Clothing, Medical Supplies, Hygiene kits and Other Key Essentials. Your generous support will make it possible for Saba Homes to continue to provide urgent life-saving essentials for thousands of families in need at this time. Your support today can help save the lives of countless vulnerable people. Donate Now to help provide urgent relief in Pakistan. Your Generosity Is Their Hope!
Click here to view pictures of our flood relief 2022 distributions