“I am pleased and honored to be friend of Mr. Saghir Aslam. I have had the distinct privilege of working with him in many community projects in Southern California since 1978. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Bank of Whittier, National association has been enriched by Mr. Aslam’s vast business and community experience. Mr. Aslam is one of our distinguished leaders who guided the Muslim Community in Southern California through his efforts to become a recognized affluent and influential community. He has developed wonderful and close contacts with political leadership in Southern California, the law enforcement agencies there, the business community and the interfaith community. My family, the community at large and I were extremely touched by Mr. Aslam’s latest community projects in Pakistan that are developed by Saba Trust (International Education and Welfare Society). The Board of Directors of the Bank of Whittier and its holding company: Greater Pacific Bancshares have asked me to convey to you our deepest appreciation for your dedication, contributions and wisdom during your service as a Board member for the past seven years. During these years the Bank has weathered many storms and emerged to become a profitable, more stable, safer and more reputable institution. Thank you for all your guidance and service. I also sincerely appreciate your brotherly true Islamic character that prompted me to write this note. It shows your clean heart and your true quality. We all at the Board and I in particular, have great personal regard to you. Your contributions, your business experience and your suggestions and counsel are greatly appreciated.”
Dr. Yahia Abdul Rehman – Former Chairman Shura Council of South California
Chairman of the Board and President Lariba Bank of Whittier, NA
I have known Brother Saghir Aslam for over twenty five years. He is a highly energetic and dedicated person and has been serving the Muslim community of Southern California in various capacities. For the Islamic Society of Orange County, he has been a founding member and a generous donor. He has served the society as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President of the Board of Directors and held various other titles and positions. He was the Chairman of the Orange Crescent School Building Committee and the Masjid-al-Rehman Building Committee. In both capacities he supervised Islamic Society’s two most important building projects worth more than seven million dollars. He also served as Chairman of two International Sirah Conferences organized by the Islamic Society of Orange County. He also established several educational and charitable institutions in United States and Pakistan. Mr. Saghir Aslam is ever active, organized and punctual person. He never gets tired of serving the Muslim community and all human beings of all colors, races and religions. At present he is working to complete a first class orphanage in Pakistan. I have deep respect for Brother Saghir Aslam and his family. I trust him as a friend and as a devout Muslim. I pray to Allah to reward him for his services and wish him all the best in this life and in the eternal life. It is with most profound thanks and gratitude that we write this thank you note for your continued support to the Shura Council. Indeed, none of this could be possible without your continued support. I wish, I could do more but whatever little I have done or am doing is because of the support of my family and good friends like you. I want to tell you also that I cannot forget the support, love and help that you and Brother Safi extended to me for many years. May Allah reward you and your family. May Allah reward Brother Safi also. I do not get time to call him or see him very often, but I do remember you and him in my prayers. Thank you also for all your kindness. Let us continue doing whatever we can to please Allah, to help the Ummah and to spread the message of His deem. My love for you and for your wonderful family.
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi – President Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Director Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC).
The Saba Trust building was an excellent one both inside and outside. I am trying to organize our first trip on your gift of Ambulance. Hopefully we will take it to our future site of Shifa Community Health Center, Tehsil Fateh Jang and thereafter make it a regular feature twice a month. Saghir people call this ambulance a moving hospital. No other person then you on the Board of Directors of Society for International Help has replied to my emails. Thank you Saghir for your continued support.
Dr. Ataa
I am getting your emails regarding the progress you are making under your supervision and be involved hands on. This is a right way to do it. As always we admire you for your dedication and love for welfare work in all over the world. There are very few good men like you, are in the world. May Allah accept your good deeds. I always talk to every one regarding your honesty and piety.
Rauf Gajiani
May Allah (SWT) give you the highest reward of Janatul Ferdouse and grant you long life to continue your excellent work of helping those who have been deprived from the norms of the society. Thousands of people at your age and your financial situations are enjoying themselves. But Allah (SWT) chooses you to be up front and set an example for all of us to see what a good Mumin is and can do. Reading the report brought tears to my eyes and may Allah (SWT) forgive us for our shortcoming and not being able to help as much as we should do. Living in America with the luxury of this Dunia make us lazy and forget how where we came from. Again may Allah (SWT) recognize your efforts on the Day of Judgment, which is the most important one and protect you from sickness and Shaitan at all time.
Masoud Nassimi
Muslim Speech and Debate Society hosts outstanding family seminar. Its sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Saghir Aslam. Muslim Speech and Debate Society want to thank from the bottom of the heart to Mr. and Mrs. Saghir Aslam for continued support.
From Muslim Speech and Debate Society
Pakistani community in Los Angeles in their respective fields’ success stores. To cater such budding class in society, there have to be consultants, advisors, analysts, professors etc. One of such prominent person is Saghir Aslam. Saghir is soft spoken and when he is musing, all of us are flying at a high altitude. When he is philosophizing, it is truly in depth. He is highly knowledgeable in global matters. He has deep knowledge on the economy as well.
Ahmad Adaya
It is my pleasure to recognize myriad contributions of Mr. Saghir Aslam to the community at large and also of the Saba Trust and the International Education & Welfare Society. Their work transcends faith, race, gender and class and touches the core of human heart and I support wholeheartedly any and all endeavor that they’d undertake.
Shakeel Syed – Executive Director – Islamic Shura Council
I like to congratulate you on your multifarious personality and precious contribution to our community but I can never do justice with your profile in a few words. Wassalam
Syed Zafar Abbas
Saghir Ahmad Aslam Chairman of Saba Trust and IEWS and his daughter Aisha Aslam have worked with Islamic Relief for years in every aspect to help and promote Islamic Relief. Be it for Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Palestine, Dar Fur earthquakes any and all projects. Matter of fact to help the Tsunami victims, Saba trust and IEWS collected clothes and other donated items at their warehouse to be shipped to Tsunami victims areas. They have always been there whenever called upon many times they simply get involved. Call their friends to donate and help Islamic Relief in all of Islamic Relief’s projects. We from Islamic Relief consider Saghir aslam, Aisha Aslam, Saba trust and IEWS best of friends and supporters all the time without ever hesitation. They are always on the front row to help Islamic Relief. In addition to that we know they are always helping many other on an individual basis and for organizations such as: CAIR, MPAC, ILM Foundation, Ummah Clinic, New Horizon School, Orange Crescent School and many others. They are truly Remarkable Soldiers the Best in the entire world. We can always count on them doesn’t what, when and where. They are always there. May Allah SWT reward them and continue to keep them on the right path.
Abdul Ghafoor – Islamic Relief
This is to acknowledge that M/S Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust Pakistan (www.sabatrust.org) is working in the following areas: Humanitarian Relief Health Care Education Vocational Training Micro Credit Assistance Interfaith Cooperation Nation Building etc. Their mission statement is ‘to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged and destitute people in Pakistan and in other places around the world’. The management of M/S Saba Aslam Trust are very committed, self motivated and sincere in their efforts for sustainable human development. We have had the privilege to participate in their various activities and events on official and personal levels. Saba Trust interfaith conferences have been the shining stars truly marvelous where participants all from all major faiths Christians, Budha’s, Hindus, Sikhs and others. Saba Trust – International Education & Welfare Society cosponsored Peace Maker Corporation a Jewish organization at the United Nations along with Small Kindness.
Riaz Akhtar – National Project Director – Gender Justice Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development
Congratulations. This is the least recognition you deserve. Your most wonderful achievement is a great example for all of us to emulate. May Allah Subhanahu wa Taala grant you innumerable blessings now and forever. I am really touched to learn the article about your accomplishments towards the betterment of needy communities of Pakistan. May Allah grant you further strength, resources, good health and peace of mind to continue doing this great humanitarian work. May Allah bless you and your dear family and give you more of his barakah, health and prosperity.
PDG Rtn Suhail ahmad Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind Lahore
I have been working with Mr. Saghir Aslam as Manager of Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust for the last five years since 2005. When I was interviewed and selected for this job, I was wondering whether Mr. Asalm who seems to be very simple and old man will be able to perform this great job with such zeal, energy and dedication to please the God Almighty. First test came during October 2005 when the worst earthquake hit Pakistan Northern areas and I saw his dedication and commitment, day and night to achieve his goal to help the poor and needy anywhere in the mountainous areas where no one went and the Saba Trust was the 1st one to help them. After that I have seen several instances where he and his organization did marvelous job and was praised by everyone of any faith. He is a great man with insight of his mission and vision, and working for this noble cause, no time, no limits whether it is in the field of health, education, and Interfaith or Orphan girls and to achieve his target to help the humanity of any faith, color or creed. He is very kind to his staff and is always helpful to solve their problems and to guide them how to live like a family and help humanity in each and every field under his supervision and command.
Malik Salahuddin – GM Saba Trust
I have never seen a man in business with the dedication to his job that Aslam has. He is fair and honest. He is reasonable but has to know he is getting the best deal for his company. Very personable, enjoyable, most pleasant person. Never puts on unfair pressure. No buyer in the market has more respect than Aslam. Very knowledgeable, most organized person. Couldn’t give anyone a higher recommendation. Wish our company could afford him.
Fred Solomon – Chairman Notions Inc
I have known Mr. Saghir Aslam for approximately twelve years. Have complete confidence in the integrity of Mr. Aslam. The personal character of Mr. Aslam is as I have known it beyond reproach. He has always been completely honest with me. Mr. Aslam to be a person whose word is his bond and fulfilled any agreement that he made. I wish there were more people with the high standards that Mr. Saghir Aslam possesses.
Jack Fraynd – President J and J Textiles, Inc
Astute buyers. Integrity without question. Works hard and intelligently. Far above average, like the New York Yankees in the heyday. Well organized. I would recommend him 101%.
John Madden – President Abbot Fabrics
Unique buyer. A money maker for his company. I’ve been in business for 33 years and Aslam is the top buyer with whom I have dealt.
Sam Tutello – CEO Burlington Klopman Retail
One of the really outstanding man in his field. Top flight, excellent merchant. A young man with a great future ahead of him. He invented first necktie pattern in America and gave to the 3 major pattern companies.
Sidney Kean – President McCall Pattern Co
Most organized buyer in the business. Very competent. Best fabric buyer in America. Very faire.
Morty Turndoff – Sales Manager – Warmsutter mills
I have known Mr. Saghir Aslam for 10 years. He is hard worker and dedicated to his position. He has always been most honest in every respect, an usually hard worker, a man that kept his word and has been fair at all times.
Alfred Stanton – President – Stanton-Kautasi Company
The Best letter I have ever Received in my Entire Life Sister Khadija accepted Islam in our humble home Brother and Sister Aslam A simple card can’t thank you enough for your warm and generous spirits and home. I’m shy about expressing myself but you know I took the most important step of my life in your company – Praise to Allah. I pray for you and your family many times to be blessed. I’m more thankful than you know. The only way I know to repay is to be a good student of Islam and it is with great pleasure that I give my best efforts. If you knew how many times I came close to taking this step but for some limit on myself I could not. On the threshold of your home I felt a lot of grace and goodness from Allah there – and the support of your friends gathered together. I am very blessed by my association with all of you. Thanks be to Allah. I hope this conveys at least some of the overwhelming gratitude and happiness I feel. Thank you so much again for providing the atmosphere for me to at last unfurl my buds, so to speak. I feel as a tree, with the seeds of faith in Allah always with me – but I haven’t been bearing fruit/witness to His Greatness. Here and there I’ve gotten a bit of nourishment, encouragement and sunlight but by the will of Allah we were blessed together that I could finally bloom. Here I cry again……. May Allah richly bless you and your family.
Always: Sister Khadija
Mr. Aslam has always been very kind, thoughtful, and fair to all his employees. He is loyal to his friends and associates and very proud of being an American citizen. He has always believed in this country. He has excellent judgment and common sense; he loves his profession and proves it by working long hours. I feel he manages both his business and his personal life very efficiently. He loves his home, his wife, and his family and friends. I consider it an honor to be one of his friends.
Patricia M. Lange – Notary Public – State of California
Business Letters Received while Visiting Pakistan Saghir, where you are? You have earned it by hard work, dedication to your job and ability far greater than is usually associated with your position. And as you know, I am not along in this judgment. Naturally, I miss your presence in the store. Not only because of your assistance in the operation of the department. But, I miss you as an individual. You have always been a source of strength to me. Just knowing that you were in the department, freed my mind for other duties. I relied on you fully always in the knowledge that your performance would always be to the fullest extent of your ability. Your parents, I am certain are proud of you, and justly so. First, you have honored them with respect and devotion which is due them. It is not an easy task to go half way around the world. Second, they can be very proud of you. You have made a success in an alien land against obstacles which I am certain they do not dream exist. Still your strength of character overcomes all. I am certain that your heritage, somewhere in its background, is due to their teaching and examples. Your letter arrived in the store today, and although it was not joyfully received, your request for the additional 2 weeks was granted. We are struggling along without you as best we can and I guarantee you that there will be plenty to do on your return. I can’t see any reason why you can’t take that Monday off that you want to see your brother in England. I just trust you have no other family in other far flung places around the globe. Keep well. Enjoy yourself with your family that is the greatest enjoyment you will ever have. And have a good trip on your return. I miss you.
Georg Goodman – My Supervisor at the Broadway
Letters, Quotes, Comments from Non-Muslim Community in America I was delighted and honored to be included in the interfaith conference group who met with you last week. I felt right at home and I’m hoping to stay close to my Pakistani friends. I listen carefully to your comments of being a proud American. You said prouder than most Americans. I laughed and I was extremely impressed with your comments. It’s amazing that you have been doing this interfaith since 1957. It is also impressive with your background, experience and desire to bring all faiths together.
Jerry Thomas
Dear Mr. Aslam I was completely blown away by your Peace Conference trip in Pakistan.
Roshi Conner
For the girls in our annual sewing contest/ fashion show, you were kind enough last year to give us a gift certificate as an award.
Jane Threlkeld – Branch Director – Girls Club Costa Mesa, California
This effort from Saghir represents one of the most important objectives the Foundation Development Team needs to accomplish. Compliments to the team and especially to Saghir for being one of the first to give us a full list of 2005 fundraising events. Way to go.
Kevin McDermott – Human Development Foundation
I admire your dedication. Hundreds of children will thank you and bless you log after you are gone. I know that is not why a person such as you puts in his heart and soul in a project, you are a servant of God and you listen to his voice, yet people such as me cannot help but be inspired with what you are doing and bless you for your work. May God give you all the strength.
Balbir Mathur – CEO Trees for Life
Mr. Saghir Aslam and his organization need to be commended for the exceptional humanitarian work for people of all faiths for example they have held distribution camps for our Christian community before Christmas & Easter. His organization was established long ago helping the less fortunate to all faiths in Pakistan. As of today his organization has helped millions of people in Pakistan and the neighboring countries. Mr. Saghir Aslam and his organization provide clothing, food, medicine, education, etc to everyone regardless of their religion color or creed and those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life. His organization serves all communities and cultures. He does not restrict its programs to only one community but he serves multi faiths and multi cultures. Mr.Aslam always scarifies his personal interest for the sake of the under privileged.
Rt. Rev Ruffin Julius – Ex. Federal Minister
Elected American Government Officials I wanted to drop you a note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your support and friendship over the years. It has been the greatest privilege and honor of my life. Thank you again for your continued support and friendship. It means a great deal to me.
Christopher Cox – USA – Member of Congress
Saba’s Pakistan projects such as the youth education centers, interfaith conferences, and economic development programs using micro-loans provide are needed now more than ever. Saghir I have known you over 15 years. Every time I meet you, you amaze me what you have done. I was truly impressed with the article in Orange County register. Saghir you are the best who continue to work tirelessly for the poor and needy all over the globe. Your contributions shine every where.
Dona Rohrabacher – USA – Member of Congress
Recently,I was inspired by a piece highlighting your recent efforts in Rawalpindi, Pakistan through the construction of the all girls Saba Homes. I felt compelled to personally praise you for your service to the international community. Your high level of commitment and conscientiousness is evident in the way that you have chosen to work toward the benefit of those in need, regardless of their religion, race creed or location. While most individuals do not participate in regular charity work, you have gone above and beyond the status quo and have dedicated yourself to a pressing cause that is far away from your home in Irvine. I take great pride in knowing that a fellow resident has taken the initiative to make history and help those who are disadvantaged. You are an inspiration to all people and your efforts will certainly have a positive impact on the girls in the Rawalpindi community. I am truly impressed by your deeds and I wish you only the best as you continue to work toward a noble cause.
Sukhee Kang, Mayor Pro Tem City of Irvine, California USA
I have received your entire well over 130 messages now. Some of them as early as 4 a.m and some as late as 11pm or so, and through the weekends. I understand that I was unable to pay the debt of $45,000 for long time I wish to come see you soon and update you on my matters and how I intend to still resolve this. I know the money you gave me was earmarked for good cause and contributions. My efforts in similar causes are evident and may Allah keep your belief in me that I value this greatly and will honor our agreement. Please tell me what is comfortable for you this month (in case your are traveling). I will come to see you and inshaallah satisfy you by way of payments and further explanation I am sending you a payment of $250/- leaving balance of $44,750/-. Jazak Allah Khairun
Nasir Ali
My congratulations to you and IEWS project. May Allah bless you for your unselfish effort in making this project a reality. I respect you and honor your leadership in the community. You made tremendous contributions to the Ummah. Very inspiring and well deserved. You are an inspiration to your fellow man. I am indeed honored to know you and associate with you. Mr. Aslam is well known Muslim in California and in USA as well as in many Muslim countries. He is a man of kindness and generosity. He has helped numerous Masajid, Islamic Schools, and other institutions in propagating the Message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslim. He also helped orphans.
Dr. Ahmad H – Sakkr
I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Aslam in developing harmony and peace in different faiths. Mr. Aslam has been distributing clothes, food, medicine and other items to all faiths including Christians, the largest minority in Pakistan. I acknowledge and very much appreciate the interfaith conferences held under the arrangements of Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust which has helped a lot to build bridges between different faiths in Pakistan and abroad.
Ch Hassan Nawaz – (Ex- Director) – General Judicial Academy
Beacon of light to total source of inspiration for not only Rotarian but the world at large. I truly admire your humanitarian work and efforts to bring change in the life of less privileged people and communities.
Munir Ahmed -President (Rotary Club Rawalpindi)
Dear Saghir Sahib May Allah bestow upon you his choicest blessings. Rotary club of Lahore Shaqri has donated the set of 170 books received from you a few months back to School of Abroo Foundation The foundation is dedicated to the cause of educating very poor children who are picked up from streets doing petty labor, and put into schools for education.
Asim Qadri President 2008-2009 Rotary Club of Lahore Sharqi
Comments, Quotes from Business Associates
In America when Multinational companies need to find an executive, they hire Top Notch Head Hunters to find them the best executive in the field for which they pay hefty price. Jack Lane was such an agency that was hired for a Multinational company and then this company looked throughout America making many phone calls and meetings with company officials personally to know more about different candidates including Saghir Aslam. Below are the comments from the largest well respected companies from entire United States of America. By the way this what the President of Jack Lane company wrote. Never in my 39 years experience in the agency business have I ever had references that were as outstanding as the ones I received on you. Saghir this is almost unbelievable. I am proud of you.
Jack Lane – President of Head Hunters
Very, very systematic, conscientious, hard working, honest. There isn’t a buyer comparable to Aslam. Mervyn’s couldn’t do better than Aslam, no matter where they looked for a man and how much they paid him. The Broadway is doing an outstanding job, which is due to Aslam’s efforts.
David Spike – CEO Spike & Sons
I have found his word to be his bond. He is very much respected by all those who deal with him.
Richard J Cohan – Sales Manager- KA-SAN Fabrics
Very honest, not on the take. Most highly respected. If he says something, you can believe him. His word is as good as a written order. He has everyone’s respect. Works well with everyone. Works all hours even night & Sundays.
Byron Clark – Vice President Cohama Fabrics
The most gifted buyer in the industry, a true genius. He has a God-given gift to make money in business. Able to get right merchandise at the right price. Aslam is the number one buyer in the country. No matter what a firm pays him, he will make money for them. Has good judgment, tact, knows how to say no, without insulting anyone. An incredible man. He would be honored to have him as an employee. He will wind up as one of their top men, if not the top man.
Bernie Wasserman – CEO Creative Fabric Corp
Main asset is brains and willingness to work – Lauderbach knows of no buyer to match Aslams brain power tremendous ability. Very astute business mind. Has developed an inventory control system that is the greatest Lauderbach has ever seen. Store buyer that always has his inventory in every store (all 35 of them in 5 States) at all times. He is far ahead of other buyers – If we could afford Aslam he would be working for Central Textiles – Has gotten where he is all on his ability, hard work and honesty. Whatever they pay him they will more than make up in money he would make for the company.
Alex Lauderbach – Vice President Central Textile co
It has been my pleasure over the past nine years to have had business relationship with Mr. Saghir Aslam. I have found him to be very capable, honest and straightforward person to deal with.
Craig Flanagan – Sales Manager – Winne & Sutch Company
I have known Saghir Aslam for ten years and have found him in my association with him as a buyer for Broadway Dept. Stores and as an owner and operator of Golden Needle Fabrics to be trustworthy, honest and most reliable in every respect. Saghir is not only an excellent merchant but also a good and decent human being .
Frank L. Black – The McCall Pattern Company
I was in need and sought help from Br. Nazir Khuwaja. Br. Nazir said he would try to arrange for a Qard (or qarz in Urdu) Hasna. A short time later a check for $5,000 appeared in the mail. The only reason I know that it came from your noble self is that it was your check. Although I have never made any repayment, nor written a promissory note, nor spoken directly to you about this debt, I have not forgotten it and still consider in an obligation upon my neck until the Day of Judgment. I would also like you to know that it is partly because of your noble example of selfless giving that I have persevered in working with Br. Shabbir Mansuri in the Council of Islamic Education, from whose work we are now seeing great fruit, Inshallah. I know that you have contributed heavily to that cause and I would like to see its success.
Khalid Yahya Blankinship – Professor – Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia
I have known and done business with Saghir A. Aslam since 1965 and have always found him to be a straight forward and trustworthy customer. In all our dealings I have never had occasion to doubt his word or integrity.
Nat Sweet – Los Angles – CA
My personal prayers are always with you. You are a man among men.
John Sexton
Saghir, to develop in this business, it must be done through the growth of the people with whom you work. Potential ability and motivation are the two key elements. Clearly you possessed a plenteous supply of both.
Morton S. Glazer – My Supervisor – Weinstocks
Letter Written to My Parents Dear Mr. and Mrs. Aslam Your son’s visit to Pakistan gives me an unexpected opportunity to write this letter. I met Saghir during a casual business transaction a couple of years ago. Since then I spoke to him at least twice every week. During this time I had ample opportunity to get to know him well. Like many other people in our industry I learned to appreciate his skill and respect his knowledge of his chosen field. He is wonderful man known for his integrity and ability. This was shown only recently when he was offered the job of fabric buyer of the J.W. Robinson Company, one of the largest and finest department store chains in the Western United States. Having myself come from a foreign country I know the effort it takes to make your own way up in the tough and competitive field of commerce in the United States. You, as his parents, should be justly proud to have brought him up in such a way that he was able to advance as far as he did in his few years in the United States. Very truly yours,
Alex Lauterbach – Central Textile Co
Such recognition is worthily bestowed. May the joy of accomplishment remain with you through your devotion and care for others. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational article.
Tommy McMullin
Saghir felt the need to personally oversee project to assist the suffering of the Northeast Frontier and I had the chance to match the man in action and try to keep up with him. We visited the more remote areas of earthquake damage (so far untouched by Government help) where he made carefully considered decisions, on the spot, to assist with what he referred to as the “aftermath”, housing, schools, jobs and the winter plans were made for heavy duty equipment to clear home site, tents to meet the immediate needs, and arrangements debated on where to establish. A temporary refugee site for the young (schooling included) and those with special needs on land he owned near the Headquarters of the Saba Trust. In these efforts he was indefatigable. It seems in October, Pakistan was visited by both a deadly earthquake and a divine whirlwind. Did I say he was a man of vision? Also a man of accomplishments….with no grass growing under his feet.
Dr. William Jackson Deseret International
Ministers, Bishops and Padres Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust and its Chairman Mr. Saghir Aslam is well known to me. He is working in the field of education, health, micro-credit and for the alleviation of poverty. They have provided clothing, food and medicines wherever needed to all faiths. He is working in this field for the past 44 years with dignity. Mr. Saghir has a great role in promoting love, peace and harmony in all faiths in Pakistan especially to Christian’s community. He organizes interfaith programs and invite all communities to participate. He bears a good name of unique character and Islamic charity. I have worked and participated in his programs and loved to work with him with this type of commendable person. Mr. Aslam has been practicing to create peace and harmony among different faiths regularly by organizing Interfaith seminars. I appreciate the hospitality of Saghir Aslam which I have enjoyed during my visit to the US. Mr. Saghir Aslam feels pleasure to work with the followers of all faiths irrespective of color, creed and nationality. Saba Trust has a vision, reaching out and helping minorities such as Christians, Bahai, Hindu, Sikh and others. Saba Trust works with everyone, no favorites for Saba Trust, all are treated equally. Mr Saghir is a man of vision and great character.
Julius. Salik – World Minorities Alliance – Ex Federal Minister
Elected American Government Officials I wanted to drop you a note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your support and friendship over the years. It has been the greatest privilege and honor of my life. Thank you again for your continued support and friendship. It means a great deal to me.
Christopher Cox – USA – Member of Congress
Thanks again for hosting the fund raising even this past week. I enjoyed the day and I really appreciate your assistance and the support from the Pakistani – American Community.
Tim Johnson – USA – Member of Congress
Thanks for hosting the fund raising even this past week. I enjoyed the day and I really appreciate your assistance and the support from the Pakistani – American Community. Also thank you for your generous contribution to my campaign. As we move toward election day, Barb and I want you to know we truly appreciate your friendship and support. Your contribution will make it possible for me to conduct a campaign that puts South Dakota first, a campaign that focuses on the future of South Dakota and issues that are important to all of us. While the race will be tough, I am confident that with the help of supporters like you we will win in November. I look forward to the challenges ahead and to working with you in the months to come.
Tim Johnson – USA Senator
First Scholarship Sincere thanks from Dr Nazir, Dr Yousuf whom I supported in my early student days 1959 onward. Those were the days when money was scarce as I was working to support my education but few dollars a month with Allah’s blessing helped these 2 people become doctors. They both were my class fellows.
Saghir Aslam
Examples of Comments and Benefits of my Articles in Pakistan Link & Focus Newspapers Good Advice for Couples The money column in the May 2008 issue of In Focus portraying how to resolve financial issues before marriage is worth more than having a load of money given by the wife’s father. I thought Mr Aslam’s tips were thought out carefully and easy to follow through. Mr Aslam’s tips on agreement may help newly married couples settle disagreements that may last a long time. Settling basic disagreements before marriage may seems optimistic to some, but when they are actually applied to couples, they will definitely produce more good than harm.
Abu Bakar Vakil
Examples of Comments and Benefits of my Articles in Pakistan Link & Focus Newspapers Good Advice for Couples The money column in the May 2008 issue of In Focus portraying how to resolve financial issues before marriage is worth more than having a load of money given by the wife’s father. I thought Mr Aslam’s tips were thought out carefully and easy to follow through. Mr Aslam’s tips on agreement may help newly married couples settle disagreements that may last a long time. Settling basic disagreements before marriage may seems optimistic to some, but when they are actually applied to couples, they will definitely produce more good than harm.
Aisha Hanif – Chino Hills, California
Mr. Saghir Aslam and his organization have made a profound impact on the lives of needy women, children, elderly and less fortunate. Saba Trust works in every field and every faith to serve the needy. They are providing education, clothes, toys, medicine and food to the poverty stricken. Saba Trust is also doing a fantastic job in creating harmony and peace through its interfaith work and conferences between all faiths including Christians who are the largest minority in Pakistan. We are especially grateful to you for donating to us a wedding gown which has become a source of rent of about Rs.7000/day, and Rs.2000/day for poorer families. The priest has also indicated that your Trust provides additional bridal clothing to help those in need. You are involved in these efforts out of love for the poor and destitute for all faiths. Our Church has been receiving many items from Saba Trust for years. Items such as clothing, new and used, shoe, bridal clothes. In addition to that our congregation was truly delighted when they received the computers from the Trust. Recently one of the greatest blessings came when the Manager Malik called and gave us the great news about wheelchairs. We had some of our members who had been practically immovable and locked inside the room. Now with Almighty God’s blessing they are able to move around and once again enjoy the true life. Some of them came and talk to me personally, they were so thrilled, they practically kissed me all over the place and the were calling out loud Rev. Kundan told us, thank you very very much, you gave us a new life, we would not move at all, now we have life. I Sidique Kundan have witnessed other people who cried with happiness. We have Churches at Rawalpindi (five locations), Rahwali, Gujranwala, Village churches Chandarkaydala, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sab and Matanpur. In addition to that we also supply the items donated to us in the remote villages whatever the Saba Trust has donated us to date we have been able to help literally thousand of people. We have covered the following areas: Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sab and Peshawar in NWFP. Our Church could practically write a book about the treatment that has been given to us by Saba Trust and the courtesy of Saba Trust’s Manager and staff is really unique even though the Trust is doing us a favor by donating all these items, whole the staff is so humble, caring and polite to us.
Rev Siddique Kundan Gill New Apostolic Church of Pakistan
I have known and been associated with Saghir Aslam for over two decades. My initial impression was that he was a man without guile. While being blessed financially through energetic efforts and a good business sense, he lived modestly and gave his assets to worthy philanthropic causes. Most of his energy was spent helping the people of his native Pakistan. Several of the ambulances went through the Saba Trust and Saghir Aslam, to Pakistan to serve the poor and needy. It is amazing what Saghir has done with these vehicles to benefit his people. In 2005, my wife and I were invited by the former Prime Minister Shujaat Hussain, to speak at a Peace Conference in Islamabad and traveled by auto from Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad over a two week period and spoke to large audiences on seven occasions. We have been able to introduce Mr. Aslam to individuals who have established eye clinics in several places in Pakistan. In addition, scores of blankets have been prepared by members of my faith community, and have been sent along with tons of clothing, equipment and computers through the Humanitarian Services Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have come to love Saghir for the person he is and hope that anyone who has the ability to assist him might feel comfortable doing so. I have to tell you that Saghir Aslam is a man of deep integrity who has devoted his life to the welfare of his people. His use of the ambulances we have sent him has been exemplary, with reports on how they are being used that are very impressive. I have visited with leaders in the medical and educational field all across Pakistan and Saghir is held in high esteem – even to the Prime Minister and other high ranking government officials. What he has accomplished with the assistance of Brother Jackson is legendary. One of the persons we spent time with in Pakistan is a Presbyterian Minister who has been in email contact with us dozens of times. Saghir has shared his food, clothing, furniture and computers to assist him in his efforts. Saghir loves our faith and in my many talks before Muslim groups in Southern California, I am asked about how I got to know and how much he is admired. Also, I am reminded by leaders of their faith of our generous assistance to the people in that part of the world. I am convinced that our reputation with these people is without peer and they admire the fact that our generosity is without strings. Considering Brother Saghir as one of the partners who can be depended upon to see that whatever goods he has or distributed directly to the people in need, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. He is the best man in honesty, integrity. He inspires almost everyone who comes in contact with him. He is an exemplary and motivator. We simply love him. He is the very best. While in Islamabad, we had opportunity to see the Saba Trust in action. We were impressed as we participated in the distribution of clothing to those in need who resided in the area. Some of what Saghir Aslam does involves charitable efforts to the Christian community when that need is brought to his attention. We met a young Presbyterian mister at the conference who has kept in close email contact with Sheila and me. We have arranged for Saghir to provide compassionate assistance to this minister’s congregation which he has done and continues to do. Saghir has provided computers to the different Christian communities. World Interfaith Conference was organized with precision and was an inspiration for both the participants and the large audience. It is a part of Saghir’s mission to promote peace, harmony and appreciation for all faiths and all countries. Truly, he is an ambassador to and for both Pakistan and America. Sheila, John and I lived in the homes of our new Muslim friends, visited impressive Mosques, prayed together and grew with our association. We came to know the beautiful countryside and felt the warmth of the people we came to love. We pray that God will continue to bless people of goodwill from all faiths as they have a positive and loving impact on their neighbors.
By Thomas L. Thorkelson – Newsport Beach, CA
It is with great pleasure to inform you of the great work of Saghir Aslam, Saba trust and International Education and Welfare Society (IEWS) ILM Foundation was founded in 1998 to assist those living in disadvantaged communities in the area of education, mentoring, food and homelessness. During Ramdan ILM coordinates the largest charitable event coordinated by Muslims in America called Humanitarian day. Saba Trust and IEWS provide assistance annually for this program. Over the past nine years over 50,000 homeless have been served fresh warm meals, water, hygiene kits, new clothes, blankets and toys. As an African American Muslim community based organization we rely on a diverse population of sponsors. ILM Foundation highly recommends Saba Trust and IEWS for the contribution to the Muslim community domestically and abroad. Their donation of entire home decorating and fabric store which included not only the inventory of fabrics for clothes for men and women but also large inventory of home decorating fabrics accessories, patterns – notion – trims – fixtures as a complete set up as a store for ILM Foundation. As we expand our operation into the few international sites in Africa, Saba Trust and IEWS has shared their expertise to manage a successful international humanitarian project. ILM Foundation wish Saghir Aslam the very best in this wonderful project. He has been part and parcel of our monthly program to feed the poor & hungry since it’s inception. Their regular support for all programs has been great source of strength for us.
Naim Shah jr – National Director (ILM)
Fruits of Sincere Brotherhood
The relationship between Saghir Aslam and Imam Saadiq Saafir began long before the establishment of the ILM Foundation. Imam Saadiq’s role as a religious/community leader dates back as far as 1978. Imam Saadiq has been the resident Imam of Masjid Ibaadillah since 1986, and co-founder of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. Saghir Aslam has been a leader of various Islamic centers, Muslim organizations, as well as interfaith organizations for over 40 years. His humanitarian effort through Saba Trust entails nearly a half of a century of services. The similarity of their work would often afford Imam Saadiq and Saghir Aslam to meet and develop a long lasting relationship, the result of which has empowered the Muslim and non-Muslim community. One Ramadan nearly 20 years ago Saghir Aslam visited Masjid Ibaadillah, which is 60 miles from his home located in Garden Grove. Imam Saadiq stated after witnessing Saghir’s family prepare and serve the Ramadan dinner that, “This sacrifice of the Aslam family means more to me than anything.” Imam Saadiq and Saghir Aslam in the early 90’s, traveled with a delegation of Muslims to visit the Latter Day Saints Church Religious leadership and community in Utah. The Aslam’s would host annual dinners at their home where Imam Saadiq and his family would visit. Saghir always would show Imam Saadiq the ultimate respect. On many occasions during very large conferences hosted in Orange County, Saghir would make it a point that those who coordinated the event acknowledge Imam Saadiq’s presence and commitment to unify the community. The model they both have set is a legacy established 1400 years ago between the indigenous Muslim community in Medina called the Ansars and the migrating Muslim community from Mecca called the Muhajjars. Both groups were Muslims, with sincere love and respect toward each other for sake Allah and the development of Islam. In a time where you cannot find many examples of immigrant and African American Muslim community members working together, Saghir Aslam and Imam Saadiq serve as a remarkable modern day example of the fruits of sincere brotherhood.
Naim Shah jr – National Director (ILM)
Saghir Ahmad Aslam – Chairman of Saba Trust and International Education & Welfare Society and his daughter Aisha Aslam have worked with Islamic Relief for years in many aspects to help and promote Islamic Relief. Be it for Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Palestine, and Darfur in earthquakes and many other projects. In the aftermath of Tsunami of 2005, Saba Trust and IEWS collected clothes and other donated items at their warehouse to be shipped to Tsunami affected areas. They have always been there whenever called upon and many times they simply get involved, call their friends to donate and help Islamic Relief in all of Islamic Relief’s projects. We from Islamic relief consider Saghir Aslam and Aisha Aslam, best of friends and supporters of Islamic Relief without hesitation. In addition to that we know they are always helping many others on an individual basis and for organizations such as CAIR, MPAC, Ummah Clinic, Orange Crescent School and many others. I have had the pleasure to work with them for over a decade. I regard Saghir Aslam as a leader of the community and a worker, who is able to put the needs of others above himself. Aisha Aslam is a positive example of how young people can work to make this world a better place for all of us.
Anwar Ahmad Khan – Interim General Manager (Islamic Relief USA)
What I find very unique about Mr. Saghir Aslam is at his age people retire usually around a comfortable environment like their Beach Home. Close to the best doctors and hospitals. Not far from their Children and Grand Children. Not Mr. Saghir Aslam and His wife. They choose to start life all over again by retiring to Raise Children who are not from their blood. Children that the Quran mentions all the time for true believers to take care of them. Orphans and especially children are very vulnerable to the cruelty of this world. Mr. Aslam will live his last days loving and caring for these children as if they are his own. If we could find 1000 Mr. Aslams, thousands of orphan children would be cared for. He is a model that others should follow if they had any common sense and a heart that longs for the nearness to Allah in the hereafter. His story should be told for the reason inspiration. Others can learn from him and maybe we have 1000 Saghir Aslams each one taking care of thousands of Allah’s special children. Saving thousands precious lives. Truly he and his wife are blessed to have hearts that out pours love beyond self. Opera did a great thing similar to Saghir but what is missing is TLC (Tender Loving Care). Children need their basic needs taken care of which includes love and emotional support. This is the extra mile Saghir and his wife give. In my book of life I will always cherish the journeys I have been on with Mr. Aslam. Weather it was with him and Yusuf Islam at UN. Promoting Peace and humanitarian Aid. In Los Angles supporting peace work. Counting on him to support and relocate Kosovo refugee families in Southern California. In Rawalpindi where you find a very unique home of love for children. Its my honor to have played a very tiny part in this great mans service to Allah. There is a special place in paradise for folks like the Aslams. I will bear testimony for the Aslams but the best witnesses will be from the kids on the Day of Judgment. Some people are great talkers but Mr Aslam is great man of action. May Allah give him and his wife a special home in paradise just as they give a special home for special children. Always with deep admiration and lots of Love
Mohammad Khan (MK) – World Traveler