“Saba Homes Invests in the least advantaged of today to produce the most advanced leaders of tomorrow."


More Then Just An Orphanage


 Saba Homes, was founded by Mr. Saghir and wife Bushra Aslam, who have been working in Pakistan since 1965 to help those in need. In 2005, a devastating earthquake stuck Pakistan, leaving an official death toll of 75,000, thousands of people were left destitute. This calamity prompted Saghir and Bushra to open their home and headquarters of Saba Trust/Saba Homes in Gulrez Housing Society, Chakala Scheme 2, Rawalpindi to orphan girls. Over the next year or so, plans were formulated to create a full-fledged residential and educational facility for girls and Saba Homes came into existence. As, of 2019 we expanded our project by opening another home for orphan boys close by to the home for orphan girls.

Saba Homes’s core focus towards honoring and empowering the orphans is put into action through educational, intellectual, moral and physical development. We encourage and empower orphans to achieve their goals and become successful, responsible future leaders, who will build a sustainable nation and promote peace for all of humanity.

Saba Homes is a state-of-the-art facility, catering to the needs of orphan girls and boys. Saba Homes is a place for orphans to call a home rather than a typical orphanage. Saba Homes provides high quality education, food, accommodation, health and much more. Saba Homes is a unique project with the aim of producing future leaders through righteous upbringing and “Honoring the orphans” in the best possible way. Currently we have 40 Orphan girls, 15 Orphan boys and 410 orphans in our outreach projects. Over the years many Saba girls have been married off after completing their Bachelors or Masters degrees.

Saba Homes Stands as one-of-a kind model for developing the human capital of Pakistan by demonstrating that even the least advantaged, and often neglected, members of society can be nurtured into confident, positive, and active members of society. With the support of grassroots fundraising, we are able to provide access to standard education for all our orphans from Preschool through College/University of their choice. Development around positive self-belief, self-concept, and self-image is extremely important in our model of transformation. Through daily motivational affirmations, one to one coaching, and a variety of monthly to quarterly personal development workshops for all ages we see the impact of all the work that is being done with your support. We are more than a school or an orphanage, we are change-makers, transformers, teachers, leaders, students, ambassadors of peace- We are Saba Homes.

Success Stories

“Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures: Saba Trust’s Journey of Success Stories”


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