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Pakistan enduring extreme monsoon weather since June 2022. West bank of the Indus river has been the most hit area by rains and flash flooding. Khaybar Pukhtoon Khuaw, southern Punjab, Baluchistan, and especially Sindh is severely devastated.


Around 3.3 million people have been affected, and 1.6 million children are among them. According to careful estimates by NDMA and UN agencies 7 million people have been displaced. River Indus, Kabul, and several others including large canals overflowed and breached their banks, washing villages, and crops and destroying infrastructure highways, railway tracks, bridges and critically damaging hospitals and schools.


Victims in rural areas have lost their crops, farms, livestock, rations, shops, and household belongings. The outbreak of diseases like dengue, malaria, fever, and diarrhea are spreading. Many most stricken areas are the most vulnerable in Pakistan that includes the long distance areas of Sindh and Baluchistan where infrastructure has been devastated and kind-hearted people have no access to those victims.

Saba Trust service to the flood victims

Saba Trust remained with
flood victims during and after the flood. Our relief drive started from Taunsa Sharif. When our team reached, the water was still running in the city and people were gathering on National Highway.  What we observed they just rescued their families and a few cows, goats, and sheep. They were walking on National Highway looking for a temporary shelter.


Fortunately, our team was in contact with government district administration through Assistant commissionaire Taunsa Sharif. With their assistance and cooperation, we distributed ration packages among flood victims. The package bearing a weight of 15.5 kg, consisted of wheat flour, rice, ghee/oil, spices, tea, sugar, two types of pulses, and a large box of matchboxes.

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