Wheelchair Program

The vast majority of whom cannot get one on their own. Many are forced to live on the ground or to wait to be carried. Disease, malnutrition, armed conflict, and lack of proper medical care are all major causes of disability.

For more than 10 years Saba Trust has been providing wheelchairs to people with different disabilities all across Pakistan. People with different disabilities from underprivileged backgrounds are the main beneficiaries. Delivery of a wheelchair to a person without mobility improves the life of the entire family. In gaining mobility, people with disabilities are given an opportunity to integrate into society by attending school, going to work, shopping and becoming a part of the community.

In a relatively short space of time, Saba Trust has achieved the incredible milestone of donating and distributing over 50000. This is a feat that was achieved through the passion and selfless giving of time and resources of Saghir Ahmed Aslam, Founding chairman of Saba Trust.

Wheelchairs provide mobility, and mobility changes everything.

Mobility means independence– the ability to participate in society and earn a living.

Mobility renews dignity, lifting people off the ground and into a new life.