Saba Trust pledges its earls support arrangements between water and its end users (human beings). We are being promoted as a simple but conducive and effective mode of reinforcing and bolstering the ability of water service providers to play their full role in delivering and extending quality basic services for all.

Distinctive from other usage of dispersed cooperation and conversant devices, Saba Trust focuses clearly on dimensional expansion support between urban water and sanitation, rooted in a culture of cohesion with a pro-poor and participatory method where equal universal access to water extended to all inhabitants is the ultimate goal.

Saba Trust dreamt an alliance of partners working towards the common goal ensuring provision of safe and healthy water to all inhabitants with greater impact of chloritization of water.

To convert this dream into reality Saba Trust stepped into the practical aspect and provided hundreds of water pumps (hand pumps) to the most ignored and remote corners of Pakistan, where access to water was beyond imagination.

Chronicles showcasing our contributions on this aspect can be testified by just clicking following link : Water Hand Pump 

Saba Trust direct goal is to promote and enable impactful water management and discourage misuse of this natural resource. Saba Trust through different mediums creates awareness campaigns amongst masses by producing and sharing knowledge and tools, and rallying the funds and political backing to enable effective Water Management.

Most of the population in Pakistan remains unserved by adequate water and sanitation services. Saba Trust makes greatest contribution through capacity development, while helping to catalyse the change required to increase access to the poor and move towards the fulfillment of the International Protocols on the Right to Water and Sanitation.

 We therefore feel immense pleasure and honor to extend an invitation to UN Habitat, a global donor and a bearer of a signatory project – WASH (Water  – Sanitation – Hygiene ) to finance our forthcoming projects to ensure safe and healthy water access to every inhabitant.

We hope and believe that in pursuit of UN Habitat this mandate our association will be beneficial for nature and its habitants and we are really thankful for your cooperation, assistance and finances for this noble quest.