Every Muslim Man\’s and every Muslim woman\’s prayer should be:  \”My Lord Grateful & Merciful enrich me with knowledge\” (Quran, 20:114) My name is Nida Anwar & in a pretty major way i have been a substantial part of Saba Home. I mostly have been in Saba Homes from particularly last 12 years, which kind of is quite significant.  When I came in Saba Homes I generally was in 5th Grade, I essentially have done my matriculation from Indus School Islamabad, they taught extremely well & my learning skills became very sharp & sound. After completing my School Level I shifted my focus level & interest to completing my intermediate from Askara College, & with the help of such great teaching staff as my livelihood mentors, I achieved “A\” Grade Graduation I believe is one of the most integral part of Education which help an individual to decide which path follows his / her dream Goals & Objectives. Myself Graduated from the same College & to my surprise the level of Education I have been achieving with my College was associated with Punjab University, This has become the most astonishing part of my life’s journey.  So they for all intents and purposes thought. Now being particularly in this moment of my life, mostly am doing Masters from Riphah International University by the grace of Allah Almighty & prayers of my Mama Papa, my love ones, they both are the ones who guided me, helped me & directed me towards the successful path of my life’s journey & their support has always been there whenever I needed them My Momma & Papa.  As an achievement of my Goal & in becoming an essential part of society, i have completed my internship with greatly renowned Financial Bank of Pakistan which is Askari Bank, & learning experience in there as working in fast paced environment has taught me effective lessons.  I am extremely cherished & delighted here & very grateful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH & Mama Papa in a very big way. Whatever I am right now & all of my achievements with my entire success story, definitely it is just because of my Saba Homes in a pretty big way. May ALLAH shower His countless blessings on Mama, Papa & Saba Homes, as they given me so much.  I kind of am about to finish my studies, so i will serve my Saba Homes with everything i learned & achieved as a flower to the blossoms. Allots of prayers goes for Mama Papa & Saba Homes Thank You so very pretty much for giving me my integrity, my purpose for life & the best of all knowledge learning to become successful human being.