It takes a strong person to stand for himself, but it takes even a stronger person to stand for others. Having the unique experience of being a Pakistani-American , the Founding Chairman of Saba Trust Mr. Saghir Aslam considered himself an ambassador of two countries and feels very strongly about promoting the image of Pakistan in America and vice-versa. While most of the world started talking about interfaith harmony and peace after the tragic incident of 9/11, Saghir A. Aslam established the first International Cosmopolitan Club in Sacramento, California (USA) where he first started college in 1957. It became a success and more than 25 countries joined representing every single religion on earth.

Saba Trust which dates back to 1965, has been practically promoting interfaith not only by organizing and bringing people from different religious communities together but also by actually serving the whole humanity. From the time of its inception, Saba Trust has engaged with more than 100 non-Muslim organizations by donating different goods. Saba Trust has celebrated many Easters and Christmas, Diwalis and Vaisakhi’s with Christians, Hindu and Sikh community.

Recently, Saba Trust organized the 138th Interfaith Peace Conference at the Islamabad Club on October 5th 2019. A regular event, first started for more than 60 years ago  ,has surpassed religious and ethnic boundaries, bringing people from all circles of life together just because of their common belief in humanity. Speakers from different religious communities attended the event, including Pandit Channa Laal from Hindu Community and Pastor Sohail from Christian Community. They talked about how people from different belief systems have worked together with success in Pakistan and how this can even surpass current achievements. Young girls and boys who were brought into the foster care of Saba Trust in 2008 and later, have now reached in their bachelor\’s and master\’s programs at various schools in Pakistan, thus clearly indicating how much Saba Trust focuses on gender equality and women empowerment. Throughout the program, there were performances by the children of Saba Trust that focused on harmony inside a community and inspired the attendees to extrapolate those experiences in their own lives, leaving them inspired.

This event was attended by politician Abdullah Gul who praised Mr. Saghir Aslam-founding chairman Saba Trust for his outstanding, splendid and continuous services to humanity. Words won’t justify the gratitude felt by the audience for Mr. Saghir Aslam in the moment. From helping in the relief operations of natural disasters to distribution of wheel chairs among the poor, Saba Trust has been an active participant in the welfare of humanity. Air Marshal ® Shahid Latif, former Vice Chief of Air Staff and notable Pakistan Defense Analyst, came to this event for the first time and was inspired by the service of Saba Trust to humanity. One of the key achievements of this conference was that Ch Nasir Mehmood-Director ShaPosh- announced to bear the meal expenses of Saba Trust for the year 2020. The donations that comes from such respectable and kind donors encourage everyone and sets an example of how privileged community takes in the responsibility to serve others. Saba Trust highly regards this contribution made by Ch. Nasir Mehmood and whole heartedly thanks him.

The soul of happiness is togetherness and the 138th Annual Interfaith Conference was a magnificent portrayal of how a community that isn’t tethered by race or religion but empathy can grow itself with such magnitude and in the right direction. By the grace of Allah Almighty, Saba trust is honoring the orphan girls and boys at Saba Homes by providing them quality education, state of the art residence facility and extra-curricular activities. Saba Trust is running daily lungar program and family support program to feed and assist hundreds of families on daily basis. Saba Trust has planned to build an education complex for higher studies with Girls College and vocational training institute. It will also include hostel facility for distant students and staff members. A seed of hope that was sown more than a decade ago has now started to bear fruits and it gives more hope to everyone who believes in giving back to the community they belong to.