\"\"Saba Trust is among the six selected Pakistani humanitarian organizations that have been chosen by Pakistan Bait Ul Mal to advise the Government on substantive measures to better the lot of orphans and their permanent sustainability in the country.

Teaming up as a working group, the six organizations have been entrusted with the task of charting out a comprehensive program to combat poverty and alleviate the sufferings of the destitute in the country.

SABA was selected as a member of the coveted six-member group in recognition of its impeccable record of rendering humanitarian services, spanning more than half a century, in 21 countries of the world and 216 villages and cities of Pakistan.

The formation of the six-member working group by Pakistan Bait ul Mal is a testament to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sincere commitment to the alleviation of poverty in the country and to take care of orphans in both public and private orphanages. A full-fledged “Pakistan Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Division” has been established by the Government to facilitate the poor and orphans under the “Ehsas” social welfare program through the Pakistan Bait ul Mal.

\"\"The six well-known humanitarian organizations would advise the Government specifically on the following tasks to implement the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan in letter and spirit:

SABA is proud to be a part of this important Working Group and hopes to play its role in achieving the goals assigned to the group.

As Founding Chairman of Saba Trust, I humbly recall starting this philanthropy work in 1965, at the age of 29, when we opened our first medical clinic. A couple of years later, we started micro credit and other programs to help the poor and needy in the sectors of health, education, poverty alleviation, and related fields. The scope and nature of Saba’s humanitarian work has undergone dramatic expansion over the years to encompass interfaith conferences, and give a pronounced fillip to the growth of health, education, agriculture, industrialization, and technology sectors. The Saba Homes, in particular, has proved to be much more than a typical NGO and seeks to bring a revolutionary change in the country through education to make Pakistan a state like Madina that was envisioned by the founding fathers. At the age of 83, I am not interested in any political or government position. My ultimate desire is to chalk out a roadmap designed by the founders of Pakistan in accordance with the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him).

Alhamdulillah, my sincere strivings have been duly recognized and applauded by various agencies and institutions. The US Embassy in Pakistan, to cite an example, has given a grant of $ 337,243 for Saba School of Excellence Rawalpindi – Pakistan. In appreciation of Saba’s contributions, the US Embassy in Pakistan posted on its face book and documented the history, vision and work of Saba Homes and its founding chairman Mr. Saghir Aslam.

Several teams from the Embassy came to visit Saba Homes appreciating the institution’s efforts and achievements.

Among the long list of comments Saba received from the Embassy representatives, we cherish recalling one: “We have never seen anything like this before, this is truly one of a kind and the best home for Saba girls”.

Later, while visiting Saba Homes kitchen, the daily menu was shown to US Embassy representatives which left them almost dazed. Said one of them “This menu is something we don’t even have in our homes”.They are really getting balanced meals with love and care. Not just from Mama and Papa, but the administrator, room mothers and the staff all treat them with such love and respect”.

The work has not gone unnoticed. Complimented by a gentleman, Mr. Farid Waraich, from the US who visited Saba Homes Saba institution is one of the best organizations that we have seen, the work and program they have done is beyond comparison. Mr. Saghir is the best leader and person who is running this great organization.|”

We sincerely hope our participation in the Pakistan Baitul Mal Task Force would help chalk out a workable program that would produce tangible results and go a long way in alleviating poverty and providing relief and succor to orphans in the country. We are determined to play our role in this herculean task.