After reading the topic what do you think of an orphanage a curse or a blessing? Well…As much as I know an orphanage is a place where orphan children are kept and raised but when people hear the word orphanage there always comes a big picture of big bad grey and gloomy building. They think of orphan children wearing ragged clothes with dirty hair and weak bodies. In most of the movies and storybooks, people in an orphanage are cruel and heartless and they don’t care about anything but money. In reality, it is totally different. Some quoted, ‘Do not judge the book by its cover.’ Similarly, do not judge orphanages from its buildings and people in there from their looks. Some of the people spread rumors of bad happenings in an orphanage which makes other people think that orphanage is a curse because they judge it from a different point of view. I am right now living in an orphanage which is totally different from your imaginations. In an orphanage, there are orphan children with a healthy physique, clean clothes, healthy nutrition, and most importantly we all have happy faces. We all are just opposite to the picture in your mind. This is because the place where I live is “Saba Homes”, this is my home and we stay happy when we are close to our family members of Saba is an orphanage where I live but for me, it’s not an orphanage but MY HOME! The owners here are the nicest people here. I call them my Mama and Papa. When people hear us calling them with this relation, they ask us different questions e.g. Isn’t it difficult to show affection to them and call with these names even when you know they are not your biological parents? Do they treat you well? Do they really provide you each and everything? I usually reply to them with an answer, “They have raised us as their own children, How can they not provide us with all the necessities and fulfill our wishes?” We do not have to show them love and affection, it comes from within. This place is not an orphanage what other people call, it’s our Home! A home where just like you all, we all are playing an important role and putting effort every day to make it a better family.

I believe I have altered and changed the idea of an orphanage through my words and experience. I hope this will mold your thinking of what an orphanage is like. It’s a great blessing for those who deserve it!

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