\"\"Saba’s newest multi storey building constructed in the heart of twin cities (Islamabad Rawalpindi) built with highest standards and wheel chair access. Special ramps have been made for wheel chairs starting from the entrance and throughout the building, each class room every bath room has wheel chair access as well as around the building.

Thanks to Allah SWT Blessings, it has elevators which is must for handicaps, the building was designed with the guidance of U.S.  Aid   (as  US Aid Funded this gorgeous structure) highest quality engineers and one of the top architects.

Rated firm, all construction was monitored at every step of construction to make sure this is one of the best buildings in Pakistan

Over the past many years with Allah  SWT  Blessings, SABA Trust took part in various programs for handicaps in different places and at different times. We were blessed to have provided accommodation to these much deserving handicaps. We had dozens of handicaps whom we took care completely for three days when they came to attend one of the few conferences in Islamabad. These handicap boys, girls, men and ladies came from all over Pakistan. This included almost all different types of handicaps, for example no eyesight, hearing impaired, some mental disability and handicaps who were mentally fine but had lost legs or had some other problems where they need special care and special wheel chair access. We provide care for them in our buildings which Allah SWT Has blessed Saba with 20000 square feet head office building, next to it specially built building   for our    daughters (Orphan girls )15000 square feet building very near to Saba Homes we were blessed to have built 13000 square feet building specially designed one floor as tuition center with all the facilities while another floor was devoted to store items for emergency Relief such as floods, earthquake and other calamities.\"\"

Last year one street away we were blessed to have built unique building with the help of U.S. Aid over 16893 square feet most modern well constructed gorgeous building this gives Saba huge educational, residential, tuition center as well as warehouse.

Main building has entrance from 3 sides from 3 different roads going three different directions one going to famous Bahria Town while the other one going to prestigious Scheme III and one road connects to Pakistan’s main.  G.T. (Grand Trunk) Road  which goes from one end of Pakistan to the other. which makes it truly compact for security purposes and great exposure for Saba’s ever growing.

Allah  SWT gave us 1140 kanals of land which equals to 142.5 acres OR 5.7 Marabas for some of us who are not familiar with terms stated above its nearly 7,000,000 (Seven millions square feet).




Group photo of Mr. & Mrs. Bushra Saghir Aslam with Handicaps


in the First Flush Building over an area of 65,893 sq.ft. including other related 3 buildings and exclusive of Saba School of Excellence building funded by USAID Pakistan for which the land worth US$ 300,000 has been donated by the Trust Chairman Mr. Saghir Ahmed Aslam.  Saba Homes presently supports orphan girls (daughters) between the ages of 10 to 21 years, a Trust unique institution of its kind in the world. These girls are being provided the best educational facilities in the famous education institutions like Army Public School and their present Annual cost comes to around US$ 180,000 being borne by SABA Homes in spite of its meager financial resources. This amount is being spent on their accommodation, food, education, health care and other extra-curricular activities.




Saba Daughters are provided with all amenities like home


  1. SABA Trust is truly unique one of a kind institution in the world.
  2. half a century 52 years to be exact serving the humanity in Pakistan and other countries. with Impeccable track record. 
  3. first 40 years we did not solicit donations, since we started taking donations every year, the audited financial reports are on our website.
  4. Now we are expanding our activities in Rahim Yar Khan (Pakistan) with the collaboration of distinguished businessman, humanitarian and philanthropist Mian Amar Shabaz of Rahim Yar Khan.
  5. I will close with this belief Insha Allah Saba Trust will be listed in the history of the world, years from now people will remember it as we remember Ali Ghar university today. With the help of humanitarians and philanthropists like Mian Amar Shabaz, Saba Trust will convert the prosperity of Pakistan into yesterday’s Japan and today’s China Insha Allah