Everyone has a deep desire and fundamental need for connection, belonging and security found only within relationship. The mutual exchange of love is between every human being. The height of joy and depth of trust experiences through loving relationships and secure attachment are fundamentally God’s idea and design.

We take our place in history longing for connection- remembering this fundamental truth and holding onto this eternal hope for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our communities and perhaps most importantly, for our children.

When we talk about the problems and look around, we’re all aware that Covid-19 has taken all over the world. In this situation, it’s necessary to look upon on such situation of the orphanages around the world. The orphans are aware of the condition but even in this time- they also need love, care, attention and above all medical awareness. Some of the children are languishing in an orphanage while in some countries, the orphanages are closing down and children are being returned to their biological families. The sudden return of these children into disadvantaged or dysfunctional homes places them in terrifying situations. Other children leaving the orphanage are forced to find shelter wherever they can.

Apart from this situation, Saba Homes has kept the promise like always and have never let the hopes down, neither of the children of Saba Homes or any individual who has been a part of this organization.

As, we have always been successful in keeping the flags of Hope high, these children need your help too in this Pandemic situation.

Your gift/donation today will support children and the individuals affected by Covid-19. You can bring hope to children

In these difficult times.

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