Messenger of Allah, Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH, said, ‘The best house among the Muslims is the house in which orphans are well treated. The worst house among the Muslims is the house in which orphans are ill treated. I and the guardian of the orphan will be in the Garden like that,’ holding up his two fingers aside.


There are times in each person lifestyles when the person analyze himself and want to do something for the happiness and delight of soul. Mr. Saghir Aslam & his wife, Bushra Aslam had such evoking time and then a concept of doing something for the good reason developed.

They always wanted to do something selflessly for a Needy Poor Homeless Orphans & helping the society which finally will satiate their soul and supply peace. Building Saba Trust which helps Orphan kids Boys & Girls via offering them Education and training to manage up with existence as a prestigious member of Society & Enhance social and educational skills.

I\’m significantly excited about my involvement within the Saba Trust. Assisting a person selflessly and considering that you could be of worthy to a person is absolutely satisfying. The component which my soul is seeking is the happiness, the glint of success within the eyes of those kids once they could gain information and might be able to make their lifestyles worthwhile.

For my part, they need extra care and a guide who can preserve their hand and show them the proper direction. Saba Trust totally and absolutely relies upon the helping hand donations by the society within the country & as well as outside of Pakistan by gracious giving hands. Every month children get the best of education, indoor & outdoor activities, playing time with physically enhancing environment and almost everything is keen taken care by GOD made relation as their parents, Bushra Aslam as Momma & Saghir Aslam as Papa.

Every special child has expectancy for learning in education, enhancing in social skills & life eventually. Saba Trust is always striving & satisfying their expectancy and want to support them and affect their lives in a wonderful way. Building Mosques inside for religious Islamic learning & becoming a part of such great religion & serving the humanity is all about peace sharing & caring. All of the children have a special connection with their Momma & Papa Graceful Owner & His Wife.

This experience will assist all the boys and girls to provide a doorway to explore the horizons of society. They would be capable of extending their learning about personal limits with the help of which they can be well worth in a society. This will also deliver them a chance or a probability to enjoy oneself in lively lifestyles, despite of all the experiences what the ones orphans have confronted.

This will most definitely take us all to their lifestyle virtually & help them as the chosen one by GOD ALMIGHTY helping hand & to provide them financial donations so that these Orphans children enjoy the best of everything like our own children.

Considering helping the needy human beings is one issue and supporting in fact is a one of a kind altogether. The expectancy, the thoughts and the planning could help, but best to quantity because the things are definitely one of a kind on paper and in real.

An orphanage is an area wherein happiness isn\’t always visible numerous instances. The kids are emotionally insecure and continually look for solace thru a person or something. The children from one-of-a-kind types of societies, regions and nations live in orphanage. Again, this distinction is in existent within the youngsters who came right here after they have been infants as something they discovered has been through the orphanage best.

However, there are some children who\’re from numerous areas places of the Country and who\’ve specific cultures imbibed in them when you consider that as the time passes which cannot be washed easily.

The orphanage is a mini globe wherein you will discover children of different religions, regions, which inculcates exceptional culture in them. Each Saba Trust Worker & volunteer works selflessly effortlessly & considers themselves a part of a family who is giving back happiness & care towards the noble cause for the society.